Brentwood Park

brentwood park mapWith its low-key, discreet and neighborly feel, a desirable Westside location and generously sized lots, Brentwood Park is one of the city’s most desirable enclaves. Since the 1920s, the “kingly homes” of Brentwood Park have been home to a sizable community of theater and film stars, among them Joan Crawford, Fred MacMurray, Rita Hayworth, Cole Porter, Shirley Temple and Claude Rains. Today, the Park is still the neighborhood of choice for well-known people in the fields of entertainment, business and politics.

Brentwood Park’s approximately 500 homes are comfortably spaced along quiet streets lined with mature trees and punctuated by thoughtfully laid-out greenbelts that give the neighborhood its distinctive look. Today, South Bristol, with its five traffic circles and ovals, is one of Los Angeles’s most beautiful streets.  With the exception of major thoroughfare Sunset Boulevard, traffic is minimal. With few through-streets, the Park enjoys a quality of peace and quiet that is rare for Los Angeles.

The current mix of homes in the area includes Spanish, Monterey and Colonial Revivals dating from the 30’s and 40’s and modernist gems from the 50’s and 60’s (including examples by famed architects Richard Neutra, Raymond Kappe and Pierre Koenig). Newer homes tend to be very large, up to 15,000 square feet, set behind gates, and designed in Mediterranean and Tuscan styles, although there are a number of older homes that stand in their original, understated 3,500-foot footprint.  There’s something for everyone here. Brentwood Park’s large lot sizes and generous setbacks coupled with the profusion of leafy green trees, allow the varied architectural styles to cohere into an attractive and harmonious neighborhood.

As one would expect of an upscale neighborhood whose residents are used to having “the best of everything,” the area supports an array of high-end shopping, dining and amenities, both on the 26th Street retail and restaurant corridor as well as in nearby Brentwood Village.

The area is served by several excellent schools, both public and private, and buses for schools and day camps arrive and depart from the nearby Brentwood Country Mart. Southern California’s world-famous climate, combined with ocean breezes from the nearby Pacific make Brentwood Park particularly appealing for those who enjoy the outdoors. Active residents can take advantage of the area’s championship-level golf and tennis, hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains and equestrian facilities in nearby Sullivan Canyon. The area also boasts several world-class yoga, fitness and personal training facilities.

To introduce new residents to the area’s rich history and strong sense of civic engagement, Brentwood Park’s Property Owners Association reaches out to newcomers. The volunteer group is keenly focused on maintaining the quality of life and safeguarding the value of homes in Brentwood Park. The Association has fought legal challenges over the years to keep many of the original restrictions that guaranteed large lots and deep setbacks, with no multiple dwellings or businesses permitted. Thanks to their vigilance, the Park remains a series of lovely shaded streets, filled with elegant homes that complement their beautiful surroundings.

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